Join the Lab

The Quad Lab is an enthusiastic group of scholars interested in research in developmental cognitive science! We believe in the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, and actively work to create such an environment. Lab members can expect that I (the PI) will be organized, supportive, open-minded, and provide clear lines of communication. When I fall short of these expectations, I am open to and encourage feedback. In return, my expectation is that all lab members are also organized, supportive, open-minded, and provide clear lines of communication both with me and other lab members.

Postdoctoral Scholars

We are not looking to hire a postdoc right now, but check back regularly for updates!

Graduate Students

The deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year has passed. We will most likely be considering applications for the 2025-2026 academic year, which will have a deadline of Dec 1. You can learn more about the Psychology Graduate Program here. Students in my lab are expected specialize in Cognitive Psychology, and can optionally pursue a certificate in Cognitive Science.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

There are many ways to get involved in our research as an undergraduate at Rutgers. All undergraduates are expected to attend weekly lab meetings, meetings with your project lead and/or the PI, and to work in person in our lab on Busch campus.

We have a central application system for tracking all undergraduate research assistants, so if you are interested please complete this form with your Rutgers email address:

Ways to Join the Lab

Course Credit During the Academic Year: We can provide course credit through Psychology (01:830:391/392) or through Cognitive Science (01:185:395/396). If you sign up for research for credit in psychology 1 credit hour is 3 hours with a minimum of 2 credits per semester. For both Psychology and Cognitive Science, you will be required to lead one of our lab meetings and submit a short reflection about your experience.

Paid positions: We sometimes have paid positions, primarily during the summer but sometimes during the academic year as well. These are typically restricted to students who have already worked in the lab in other ways, though not always.

Complete a Thesis: We can also supervise thesis projects for both Psychology and Cognitive Science. Typically, we recommend thesis students do research in the lab for at least one full semester prior to working on their thesis. This allows you and us a chance to work together before committing to the full thesis and gives more time for developing some of the background information and skills necessary for completing a high-quality thesis. Though there can be exceptions to this, if you are thinking about a thesis in your senior year, we recommend you begin talking to potential advisors during your junior year or earlier.